Handmade scented reed diffusers
Handmade scented reed diffusers

Reed Diffusers

All my diffusers are handmade using an eco and Vegan friendly base. Each diffuser is 100ml, with 20% fragrance to base. The reeds are made of fibre, which provide excellent scent throw.

Handmade scented reed diffusers

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Handmade scented reed diffusers

About my reed diffusers

Handmade scented reed diffusers
I make all my diffusers in my small garden workshop in Kent. Each diffuser is made of 100ml of eco and Vegan friendly base, and cosmetic grade fragrance oil. The labels are made of seed paper, so can be planted to grow some bee friendly flowers. The bottles are amber coloured, allowing you to place in light areas, without damaging the fragrance. The reeds are fibre, which means they work really well at sending fragrance into the air.
The bottles are 150ml, so it can look like the bottle isn’t full. However, this is done to prevent spillage when inserting the reeds, and also provide an air barrier, to prevent the liquid from diffusing into the environment.
I sell my refills, here, please use the drop-down menu to find your fragrance.

How to use a WattieWicks Candles reed diffuser

Remove the screw lid, and replace it with the silver collar provided.  Screw this on, and then place the reeds through the hole. Start with 3 reeds, and if the scent isn’t strong enough, add the remaining reeds.
You only need to turn the reeds every 2-3 weeks. The liquid will seem to go down quite quickly, but the reeds are fibre, and very absorbent, and can hold about 50ml of liquid.
Also, never stand the diffuser directly onto a surface. Use a glass or ceramic coaster, as fragrance oils can be destructive to wood, varnished, painted or any plastic polymer surface.
When turning the reeds, it’s best to take the diffuser to a basin or sink, and turn them over the sink. This ensures that any spills won’t cause any damage. After turning the reeds, wash your hands thoroughly to remove any excess oils. And never pour the diffuser liquid down any sink or drain.

How to get the most from your reed diffuser

1. Placement: Position the reed diffuser in a central location within the room, away from air vents, windows, or direct sunlight. This will help even distribution of the fragrance
2. Flip the reeds: To refresh the scent, flip the reeds every 1-2 weeks, This helps to rejuvenate the fragrance and maintain a consistent scent throw
3. Room size: Consider the size of the room when selecting a reed diffuser. Larger rooms may require multiple reed diffusers, or a larger-sized diffuser to effectively scent the space. Contact me for larger sizes, I can make them in 200ml bottles
4. Temperature: Warmer temperatures can cause the fragrance to evaporate more quickly, so consider placing the reed diffuser in a cooler area of the room to prolong its effectiveness
5. Clean environment: Keep the surrounding area clean and free from dust, as dust can settle on the reeds and affect the diffusion of the fragrance.