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Advent Calendars

24 fragranced wax melts, all made from 100% rapeseed wax, in an advent calendar to get you in the Festive mood.

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Festive Melts

4 Festive fragrances for Christmas. Each box contains 6 melts, and all packaging is recyclable.

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Christmas Candles

Three Festive fragrances, in a 300g candle, hand decorated and with a silver lid.

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Stocking filler hanging diffusers

Find the perfect stocking filler fragrance with these lovely small diffusers

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Fragranced Candles

All my candles are made with a sustainable organic, renewable wax made of Rapeseed Oil and Beeswax, all sourced in the UK and EU. The wicks are made of cotton, and are coreless, and the fragrances are all cosmetic grade, which contain essential oils. The burn of this wax is very clean, and very slow, ensuring a lasting, clean fragrance experience. Everything is done by hand, not just the candle making, but the labelling and the glass printing. Have a browse, there's bound to be something for you in here.

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Reed diffusers

All my reed diffusers are no packaging,so no more throwing away a pretty box and packaging, and come in a variety of lovely fragrances. Each diffuser is 100ml, in a 150ml bottle. The gap at the top of the bottle reduces unwanted evaporation, and also reduces the risk of spillage when the reeds are inserted. Each diffuser comes with 7x 5ml reeds, which maximise the diffusion rate of the diffuser.  The reeds are longer, to balance the longer bottle, and they are natural in colour, and made of fibre, not wood, so they need less turning.  And I sell refills, so even less waste.

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Room & Linen Mists

To complement my range of candles and reed diffusers, I now make lovely Room & Linen mists. Made from cosmetic silicone and 5% fragrance, they are safe to use on washable fabrics, as well as in the air. Each bottle contains 125ml of liquid, and comes with a silver and black atomiser, with a cap. Use to freshen clothes, furnishings and to fragrance your environment with your favourite scent.

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Diffuser refills

I have a selection of refills for my diffuser. Each comes in a 100ml bottle, with all the correct labelling. With free shipping. If you can't see the fragrance you're after, please email me as I can usually make one.

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Diffuser reeds

My reeds usually last for two bottles of diffuser. Each set consists of 7 reeds, 5mm thick and 300mm long, and are made of natural coloured fibre, for the best scent throw. With free shipping.

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Scent Samplers

Take the guesswork out of buying a candle or diffuser with my scent samplers. Get 5 samples for £2, with free shipping.

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Gift Cards

Why not take the guesswork out of choosing a product? Send a gift card, and let them make the perfect choice for them.

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