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Hanging Diffusers

Lovely mini-diffusers, perfect for small spaces. Buy 3 and get free postage.

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Delightful small diffusers, each containing 7ml of your favourite fragrance. These are perfect for wardrobes, airing cupboards and cars, as well as any small space that could benefit from some fragrance.

How to use the hanging diffuser?

It's quite simple;
1. unscrew the black lid - notice that it's lined with wood.
2. remove the small plastic plug from the bottle, and pop it in the recycling
3. screw the black lid on tightly
4. turn the bottle upside down to allow the liquid to soak the wood. Be careful, as if you hold it upside down for too long, the liquid will spill - about 20 secs does it
5. turn the bottle right way up, and hang it from where ever you choose.
6. when the scent fades, briefly turn the bottle round again to resoak the wood.
Caution: If using this in the car, please ensure that the string is tied short, as it can swing and be a hazard

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