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Scent Samplers

Sample my fragrances for a fraction of the cost. Please choose fragrances in groups of 5.


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Buying scented products online is always risky. After lots of thought, I've finally come up with a method to smell the fragrances, before committing to a purchase, at very little cost. Choose 5 fragrances from the drop-down list, and only pay £2. You'll get 5 zip-lock bags, each containing a cotton ball soaked in the fragrance of your choice, and 4 squares of bamboo tissue. To smell the fragrances, all you need to do is remove the tissue, and have a good sniff. If you keep the bag closed, the scent should last about 10-12 days, plenty long enough to decide on the perfect fragrance. And, because I don't like single-use plastic, I also include a self-addressed stamped envelope, for you to return the zip-lock bags.

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