A little about my candles

All WattieWicks Candles are made with a natural sustainable wax, a blend of Rapeseed oil and beeswax. The wicks are coreless, and the fragrance is cosmetic grade, and contains essential oils.
When burning a WattieWicks Candle, firstly ensure that the first burn is for at least an hour. The wax may stick to the side of the glass, but as you burn it, and the glass heats up, this will melt into the candle. The burn is really clean, and the glass should not scorch; but keep the wick trimmed, and don't burn the candle for more than 3 hours at a time.
The candles are 200g of wax and fragrance, and the burn time is about 40 hours.


A lovely selection of fruity fragrances, designed to scent your home with clean, fresh aromas.


Precious woods and exotic fragrances make this selection perfect for those who like deeper fragrances.


Roses, Sweet Peas, Peonies and more in this lovely range of flower fragrances.


WattieWicks Candles selection of pet odour eliminating candles.


Fragrances to make your mouth water.


A lovely selection of 3 wick candles in a variety of fragrances. Each candle contains 500g of wax and fragrance, and comes in a glass bowl, with a silver lid. Available with a gift box or without.

Budget Candles

WattieWicks Candles Budget candles with no packaging. Available in lots of fragrances.

Spring Medley 3 in 1 candle

WattieWicks Candles Spring Medley 3 in 1 candle.

Wax Melts

A selection of wax melts made with 100% rapeseed wax, with no plastic, no soy, no paraffin and no palm.


Can’t decide? Everyone experiences fragrances differently, so I’ve put together a scent sampler system. For only £2  you can sample 5 fragrances, and choose your favourite.

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