Fresh-Cut Roses scented candle


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The divine scent of freshly picked red roses.

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There are lots, and lots of rose fragrances to chose from, but if you're after a rose
fragrance that smells like the rose flower, just picked, still with the dew on the petals,
then this one is the one. The main fragrance is rose, with green, woody hints in the base notes.

Vital statistics:

Weight  of wax and fragrance:(excluding container)
Burn time: (if burnt correctly)
45-50 hours.

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You might like to know

Top notes

Top notes, sometimes called head notes, is the part of fragrance that you smell immediately. They are the most volatile, are the strongest scent, and evaporate very quickly. The overall scent is often named after these fragrances, as they are the most identifiable.


Heart notes, also called middle notes, is the scent that emerges from a fragrance immediately after the top notes dissipate. They are usually rounder, or more mellow than top notes, and leave a lingering impression. You'll begin to notice them about thirty minutes after the candle is lit, and they are usually floral fragrances.


The base notes of a fragrance is the scent that lingers longest, and is the scent that emerges when the heart notes begin to fade. They are the roots of fragrance, and serve to fix, or hold the strength of the heart and top notes. The scents are usually rich or deep, and are usually fragrances that are strong. Musk, vanilla, sandalwood and amber are often present here.


The rose originated from the Middle East, but its beauty, fragrance and medicinal uses have made it one of the most widely grown flowers in the world. The essential oil is extracted from the petals of the rose, and it takes about 5 tonnes of roses to obtain 1 kg of pure essential oil. The term sub-rosa (under the rose) comes from an old custom of hanging a rose over a meeting table, to signify that whatever was discussed at the meeting was to be completely confidential.

Additional information

Weight 507 g


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