Because I make all my candles, and do all my packaging and design myself, I can make container candles, diffusers or wax melts to order, in small and large quantities. I've been asked to make candles and melts for wedding favours, candles and diffusers in specific scents and designs for shops, and customised candles with specific messages for birthdays, housewarming, Valentine's day and Mother's day (to name a few).

A couple of examples of what I've done.


Bride gifts

I was asked to make candles for the bride to give to her mum and bridesmaids. I used the wedding invitation for the inspiration for the box, and each candle was printed with a personal message from the bride. Each candle had a scent chosen specifically for the recipient by the bride. Such a lovely gift, and each done personally.

Bespoke candle for mother of the bride
bespoke wedding gift for chief bridesmaid
Bespoke wedding gift for the Bridesmaid

Promotional gifts

I was approached by a PR agency to make candles for a well-known chocolate company to celebrate the launch of their new range of flavours. The candles needed to be square, and each one branded, in 4 fragrances, and 30 of each fragrance.
In my design, I used gold-edged boxes, and mouth-watering images to match the fragrances. The promotion went really well, and the feedback was ‘people loved the candles.’

New range of flavours...

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